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Category: ExpScore

A Fresh Way to Think About Footy - Geelong v Hawthorn Score Involvements and Close Games/SQP

Posted in Analytics Landscape, ExpScore, Game Analysis, Ladder Discussion, Scoring Map, and Team Metrics

Followers of this blog have likely read my thoughts on the lacklustre state of AFL analytics, both inside clubs and throughout media has a whole. The…

The Shots that Made the 2016 Coleman Medal Kennedy is Freakishly Accurate, Buddy is Just a Freak

Posted in ExpScore, Scoring Map, and Shot Quality

The Coleman Medal, for most goals in the H&A season, was won this week by West Coast's Josh Kennedy for the second year running. His 80…

Match Analysis Using Shot Quality A Review of the Melbourne v Hawthorn Game

Posted in ExpScore, Game Analysis, Scoring Map, and Shot Quality

Last week I introduced a model which can be used to calculate the true quality of any scoring shot taken during a match. This basically quantifies…

A Model to Predict and Rate Shots by Quality Formalising and Parametrising Shot Probability

Posted in ExpScore, Game Analysis, Scoring Map, and Trends and Historic Analysis

A little over a month ago I published some empirical Goal Kicking Accuracy maps that looked at the likelihood of kicking a goal from each…

The Goal-Kicking Accuracy Fallacy Every Club in the AFL Kicks at Roughly the Same Level

Posted in ExpScore, and Team Metrics

Last week I posted an article visualising the competition average Goal-Kicking Accuracy (GKA) for shots from every position on the ground. If you haven't read that…

Goal Kicking Accuracy Maps - ExpScore What's a Shot Worth?

Posted in ExpScore, Game Analysis, and Scoring Map

What this early article refers to as "ExpScore" is now known by the snappier "xScore". A key component of my FFSS ratings, which are used…